How To Customize Blank Sublimation Mugs

These blank sublimation mugs are very popular when it comes to customization and of course every one loves and wants to own a nice mug, these mugs can be used as gifts, and decoration as well as many other things. Among other things it is very affordable.

This article will look into sublimation mugs generally and everything you need to know.

The Differences Between Regular And Sublimation Mugs

Regular mugs lack the poly-coating that sublimation mugs have, which is the primary distinction between these two types of mugs. Sublimation mugs are coated with polymer for a reason—during the sublimation process, the ink becomes a part of the mug, and the poly-coating aids in retaining the ink. When you sip coffee from your own customized cup, sublimated mugs are perfect and aesthetically pleasing.

Is Sublimation Possible on Regular Mugs?

Regular mugs, on the other hand, lack poly-coating. They have a ceramic glaze covering that prevents the sublimation ink from sticking. If you sublimate a standard cup, the ink won’t be preserved and will fade or become dull after washing. They are made of “Fine China,” which is not the best material. Fine china mugs cannot be heated to high temperatures to transfer heat like we do during the sublimation process.

How To Customize a Sublimation Mug

Select the graphics or images

Selecting the ideal designs, images, or patterns for your coffee mug is the first step.

The good thing is that you can put almost any image, such as a logo or a photo of your pet, on a mug. Just make sure that the picture makes sense on a cup. Keep in mind the size of your cup and the fact that it will wrap around.

Print the image

You can now print the designs of your choice using the sublimation transfer paper. It is possible to purchase pre-cut sublimation sheets for cup sizes like 9, 11, and 15 ounces that correspond to the various measurements. Using the “mug sublimation graphics” pre-set on the sublimation printer, you can print the image for this purpose

Cut the Sublimation Paper to Size

It’s time to cut the paper at this point. You must make sure that the paper is trimmed to the appropriate sizes. Ensure you can comfortably and without difficulty wrap the paper around your cup by trimming the edges.

Prepare Your Mug Press for Printing

Before printing the image on your mug, you must set up your press machine. Bring it to a 400°F temperature. Set the pressure for up to 6 minutes. It will get the machine ready and build up enough heat for the ink from the sublimation paper to readily transfer to your mug.

Set the mug within the mug heat press

Using a heat-resistant tape, wrap the pre-cut paper around your mug and secure it in place. Insert the mug into the device carefully, then start sublimation.

Remove the mug from the machine

When the timer goes off, take the mug out of the machine. Remove the paper with caution so as not to compromise the surface, allow it to cool for an hour before use.


Having understood the difference between the regular and the sublimated mugs, you can either customize it yourself or get an already customized one that suits your taste. One good thing about these customization options is that it can help serve so many purposes as earlier mentioned.