Purrfect Perches: The Ultimate Guide to Cat Shelves for Your Feline Friend

Cats are natural climbers and love to be in high places. This guide will help you choose the best cat shelves, perches, and towers for your feline friend, ensuring they have a comfortable and stimulating environment.

Benefits of cat perches

Cat perches offer a multitude of benefits such as promoting exercise and play, providing stress relief, granting window access for observation and sunlight, and expanding vertical territory for a richer living environment.

Exercise and play

Cats have powerful leg muscles designed for climbing and jumping. Cat trees and shelves provide them with opportunities to exercise these muscles, keeping them fit and preventing obesity.

Stress relief

Perching up high allows cats to survey their territory, reducing stress and anxiety. Providing shelves around your home gives them a comfortable vantage point.

Window access

Cats enjoy watching the world outside. A well-placed perch by a window offers them entertainment, mental stimulation, and a cozy spot for napping in the sunshine.

Vertical territory

Adding cat furnishings on walls or shelves effectively increases the territory in your home. More climbing and playing areas lead to a happier and healthier cat.

Choosing the right cat shelves and perches

Choosing the right cat shelves and perches involves considering various factors such as the ideal location within your home, selecting between wall-mounted, freestanding, or combination types, determining the appropriate size and number of levels, opting for durable and cat-friendly materials, ensuring structural integrity for safety, selecting designs that are easy to clean, and considering additional design elements that cater to your cat’s needs and preferences.

Location matters

Consider your cat’s favorite spots and their common movements when placing shelves and perches. Areas near windows, above doorways, or adjacent to your work-from-home spot are ideal.

Types of cat perches

Wall-mounted: Mount directly onto the wall.

Freestanding: Rest on the floor.

Combination: Both wall-mounted and freestanding structures.

Size and levels

Single, double, or multi-level: Choose based on your space and the number of cats.


Select durable, cat-safe materials like solid wood, sisal rope, and thick pressed cardboard. Ensure any fabrics are tightly woven and not easily shredded.

Structural integrity

Ensure the cat tree or shelf is stable and securely put together. Freestanding units should have wide, heavy bases, while wall structures need sturdy braces and mounting hardware.

Easy cleaning

Opt for non-porous materials for easy maintenance. Removable carpeting and easy-to-disassemble structures are preferable.

Design elements

Look for extra amenities like built-in scratching surfaces, hidey-holes, and toys to keep your cat engaged and entertained.

Top-rated cat perches and shelves

The top-rated cat perches and shelves, including SkyPaws Cat Wall Shelves, Cattree King Cat Condo, Catastrophic Creations Cat Wall Ledges, Catit Style Board, Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree, and Egatpo Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock, offer a variety of designs and functionalities to suit different feline preferences and household spaces.

SkyPaws Cat Wall Shelves

Offer multiple levels for climbing and lounging, with a sleek design that blends into your home decor.

Cattree King Cat Condo

A spacious 6-level cat tree with sisal posts, plush platforms, and hidey-holes, ideal for multiple cats.

Catastrophic Creations Cat Wall Ledges

Simple, sturdy wood ledges with a plush faux fur covering, available in neutral colors.

Catit Style Board

A modern, free-standing white shelving unit with a scratcher, hideout, and perch.

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

Supports up to 55 lbs and features Tiger Tough woven sisal fabric for durability.

Egatpo Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock

A comfortable hanging bed with a plush covering, perfect for window gazing.

Design styles for cat shelves and perches

Design styles for cat shelves and perches range from modern and sleek with minimalist aesthetics, natural and organic featuring earthy elements, whimsical and playful for a fun touch, to traditional and ornate with classic and elegant details, catering to diverse home decor preferences.

Modern and sleek

Choose minimalist designs with clean lines and solid neutral colors for a contemporary look.

Natural and organic

Opt for rustic, eco-friendly styles with unpainted wood finishes and natural fiber scratching surfaces.

Whimsical and playful

Select fun designs with colorful carpeting, shapes like trees and tunnels, and dangling toys.

Traditional and ornate

Choose classic styles with dark wood tones, carved edges, and decorative details.

DIY cat shelf ideas

DIY cat shelf ideas, such as easy board and bracket shelves, repurposed window perches, concrete and wood platforms, and multi-level ladder shelves, offer creative and customizable solutions for cat owners to craft unique and functional spaces for their feline friends.

Easy board and bracket shelves

Create simple wall ledges with wooden boards and metal brackets.

Repurposed window perches

Transform old windows into unique cat shelves with padded cushions.

Concrete and wood platforms

Combine industrial-style concrete with wood for a unique look.

Multi-level ladder shelves

Build stepladder-style shelves for a whimsical and functional design.

Tips for choosing cat shelves

Consider your cat’s size, abilities, and typical activities.

Measure the intended area for the perfect fit.

Read reviews for insights into quality and durability.

Assess materials for cat safety and longevity.

Look closely at product images for construction quality.

Evaluate extra features like scratching posts and toys.

Check the safety of hanging beds and perches.

Ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.


By considering these factors and options, you can provide your cat with a stimulating and safe environment. Enjoy watching your feline friend explore their new vertical space, content in their perched kingdom!